Flag Advert Clamour Is Baseless And Naive

As an act of desecration and vandalism, burning the national flag is reprehensible. But equally reprehensible is the association of the flag with causes that embrace genocide and terrorism.

By its embrace of former Sudanese president Omar al-Bashar, wanted by the International Court of Justice for crimes against humanity and genocide, and its current embrace of the Hamas terrorists, whose aim is the eradication of Jews “from the river to the sea,” the ANC disrespects and damns the values that the national flag represents.

By its international alliances and support for extremist causes, the ANC has no right to project itself as a custodian of the nobility of the national flag. For a country that is 70% Christian, ANC support for Hamas’s dedication in destroying Israel is a grave injustice to the religious affiliation of the majority of people in this country.

Thus, the ANC’s political hyperventilation over the DA’s election advertisement is an exercise in distraction and subterfuge. By symbolically noting the ANC’s reduction of South Africa to failed state status and how it would embrace the dystopian EFF and MK to cling to power, the DA’s advertisement exposes an inconvenient truth.

By depicting the national flag in restored form at the end of the DA’s advertisement as a result of policies that reflect the values of the flag, the accusation of vandalism is baseless.

Besides the hypocritical objections the ANC is making against the advertisement, the clamour against it from others reflects political immaturity and naivety.

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