Fake News On ESG Deplored

It is sad to note that fake news is now featured regularly in Business Report. The latest doses appeared on May 2 concerning Environmental Social Governance (ESG) and creating jobs by decarbonising.

ESG is a euphemistic phrase masking an agenda of socialism by stealth. Promoted by the World Economic Forum, corporate giants like Vanguard and Black Rock, and the UN, it seeks to strangle the free market through regulations and establish an unchallengeable nexus between the bought politicians in government and the corporate leviathans.

Eligibility for loans and insurance cover would depend on the application of ESG requirements, failing which businesses would be progressively eliminated thereby enabling control over resources, supply and the market to be progressively monopolised.

Of course, the environmental aspect of ESG is premised on utter falsehood. Global temperatures are not in any way linked to carbon emissions, an irrefutable fact proven by recorded history over the past 2000 years. Carbon dioxide is essential for natural growth—another botanically and agriculturally proven fact.

Thus, Presidential Climate Commission spokesperson Shamiela Reid’s claim that by decarbonising and embracing ‘green,’ more jobs will be created and food production will be more sustainable is utter nonsense. Without fossil fuels, agricultural production, transportation and storage would revert to the pre-industrial revolution period. Mass starvation would be the stark reality.

To eliminate coal mining would cost the jobs of 92,000 directly involved, to say nothing of the exponential effects of those losses on the lives of millions of others in related secondary and tertiary occupations. Besides that, the oil and gas bonanza waiting to be harvested off the West Coast is an obvious job creation opportunity to be fervently grasped.

ESG flies in the face of the distinguished Milton Friedman doctrine, which states that the sole responsibility of businesses is to maximise long-term shareholder value. Guidelines on human and environmental responsibility are the business of municipal bylaws and government. By imposing conditions in terms of equity, ESG is trespassing on the prerogative of business to apply merit to how it functions.

The long-term consequence of ESG is the emergence of a class of parasite multi-millionaires and billionaires in lockstep with bought politicians prevailing over humanity, reduced to Orwellian serfdom.

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