Faith In COVID Vaccines Queried

The issue of whether or not to have the Covid vaccine needs to be seen in the context of certain realities which, in spite of Colin Mark’s views (The Mercury, June 14), should not be ignored.

It is a fact that the various vaccines have not been subjected to rigorous testing. Cardiologist Dr William McCullough told the US Senate last month that a trial period of a further 30 months was required.

Before Trump’s Operation Warp-Speed which fast-tracked a vaccine, Big Pharma’s narrative was that a vaccine could not be developed within three years. Thus, it should raise concern that that stipulation has been waived and that Big Pharma by way of Pfizer, BioNTech, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and others, with the assistance of the mainstream media, is now exhorting people to have the vaccine jab.

Given the multi-billion dollar interests of Big Pharma, one should be wary of uncritical acceptance of their narrative and try to avoid succumbing to the doctrine of universal susceptibility. On those grounds, there is no parallel with mandatory polio and smallpox inoculations as Colin Marks avers. One needs to compare apples with apples. Whereas there is a 96% recovery rate from Covid, smallpox was a scourge in Europe before the nineteenth century.

Of course, if people want to have the vaccine, despite the uncertainties of its efficacy and reports of its counter-effects such as heart inflammation and deaths, that is their prerogative. But under the circumstances, it would be wise to test whether one’s body has acquired natural immunity to Covid and therefore does not need a vaccine. Hence my concern expressed on June 11 regarding section 12(2) rights in the light of the Department of Education’s assertion that teachers must have the vaccine.

Placing faith in the World Health Organisation (WHO) is a questionable undertaking given its close association with the Wuhan Virology Institute in which it has been conceded that the Covid virus was manufactured. That was reported on June 8 by World Net Daily citing Peter Daszak of WHO that a “killer” virus had been made in the Wuhan Virology Institute.

 Then there is the fact that Dr Anthony Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease has funded the Wuhan Institute. Thus, one needs to be circumspect about the credibility of the WHO and its associates.

Sent to The Mercury & never published – June 2021

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