Exposing The Davos Agenda
As the elites of the World Economic Forum gather in Davos for their annual junket at which they ratchet up their falsehood about fossil fuels causing global warming and stoke alarmism about the fate of the planet, the quiet part of their agenda, once again, will go unreported (Business Report, January 10).
Successful propaganda requires relentless repetition based on a smidgen of truth. Yes,  climate change is a reality attestested to millennia. Yes, it may involve warmer temperatures and floods. It may also mean colder times and drought. These vagaries are natural and have nothing to do with human exploitation of fossil fuels or bovine digestive emissions. The records of history prove that.
But while claiming that climate-related risk remains a dominant theme, the WEF has identified a “short-term threat” in its 2024 report, namely, the elections in the US, UK and India. It fears “misinformation will widen societal and political divides.”
The reason the national views of those electorates concern the WEF is because of the possibility that the outcomes of those elections may deviate from the WEF’s narrative on globalism and the need to reduce national sovereignty.
Colouring the WEF’s anxiety is the pushback against WEF policies in several European states and the defeat of their toadies in Argentina.
However, their greatest concern is the groundswell of support for Donald Trump’s pledge to restore US sovereignty and independence. His Maga agenda is totally at odds with the WEF’s Orwellian ‘Great Re-Set’ global design in which nations are submerged into hemispheres presided over by WEF satraps.
Of course, the other quiet part of the WEF agenda concerns the consequences of decarbonisation. Heating, mining,  crop production, transportation, mechanisation, manufacturing, and lubrication—to say nothing of the numerous by-products of fossil fuels—would become impossible on the scale needed to sustain human life as we know it.
That precisely is the objective of the WEF—depopulation. With their allies in the WHO, their bought scientists, media, and politicians, they have already initiated that aim with their bio-weapon called the COVID-19 vaccines. Millions of recipients are suffering health defects as a result, while mortality rates have increased in all heavily vaxxed states.
The abhorrent aspect of the Davos gathering is that none of the leaders present has a mandate to subvert the sovereignty of their respective countries or to wreak socio-economic madness by decarbonisation.

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