Editorial Commended

The Mercury’s editorial “An empire crumbles” (January 22) marks a refreshing and encouraging departure from its posture of the past year when it often attempted to navigate between the pro and anti-Zuma factions within the ANC.

The resolute approach of Cyril Ramaphosa in tackling the Gupta incubus and in cleansing the Augean stables of the detritus of misrule by Jacob Zuma and his cronies emboldens all sections of society to embrace this virtuous cycle which has been so sorely needed.

It is to be hoped, therefore, that the pages of the Mercury will no longer feature the sycophantic discourses of Zuma toadies like Sihle Zikalala. Instead, new voices, hitherto sidelined by the tendency to service those who held power, need to propagate the road to making South Africa great again.

As a line from Proverbs states: “When justice is done, it brings joy to the righteous but terror to the evildoers” (21:15).

Sent into The Mercury and published, 22 Jan 2018.

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