Du Bois Retires – Press Statement

Elections are often milestones in both a broad and a personal sense. The 2021 municipal election marks my final retirement from local government politics.

Although unsuccessful, I have no regrets about having participated in the democratic process. I take pride in the fact that my manifesto was the only one which provided the actual solutions to fixing local government, namely, to enshrine merit as the only criterion for employment, to abolish BEE and to revert to smaller, sustainable municipalities.

I extend my appreciation to those who voted for me and to those who endorsed my manifesto. I wish Zoe well in having earned a full term as the Bluff’s Council representative. She has shown herself to be accessible, resourceful and responsive in a position that is relentlessly demanding.

Looking ahead, I intend to ramp up efforts to expose the fallacy that climate change is driven by human activities and to oppose the unconstitutional promotion of untested so-called Covid vaccines. In partnership with Agriforum, I intend to promote the critical study I have made of the indoctrination and politicisation of the SA Schools History syllabus for Grades 10 to 12.

Press Statement Issued by Duncan Du Bois and published in The Southlands SUN

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