Dr Nathi Mdladla: Shy On Basic Facts
As much as one needs to applaud Dr Nathi Mdladla for recognising the Covid pandemic as having been contrived, and his awareness of how the death rate stats were manipulated to lend credibility to the peril being propagated, his statement is sadly shy of basic facts (BizNews, September 29).
The results of the PCR tests [Polymerase Chain Reaction] provided the basis of the pandemic hoax. That test was never intended to identify Covid. But by increasing the cycles of its operation, it signalled a positive. By the way,  when applied to a sheep and a banana it also indicated positive, so, for starters, the whole pandemic was falsely premised and manufactured.
Nowhere in his statement does Dr Mdladla mention flu and pneumonia. Did they mysteriously disappear? 
No, they were factored into the stats to bump them up so as to sustain the illusion of the “pandemic.” Also missing from his statement is in reference to Remdesivir. That drug was deemed extremely harmful when used on patients in testing trials in 2018 and withdrawn from the market. Dr Fauci knew that yet insisted that Remdesivir be administered to Covid patients in hospitals – with fatal results.
Dr Mdladla also omits any reference to HCQ [hydroxychloroquin] and ivermectin which would have remedied the condition of many doctors in Peru, parts of the US and Uttar Pradesh, India experienced.
What would be helpful, is if Dr Mdladla would lend his support to prosecuting all those in the medical profession and health service who knowingly were – and many still are – complicit in medical fraud.

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