Discovery Health’s Mercenary Motives

By its loyalty to the prescribed narrative on the subject of Covid vaccines, it would appear that Discovery Health’s motives are mercenary and not scientific (The Mercury, November 8).

Discovery chief executive Ryan Noach’s own words to the vaccinated prove that. “We highly recommend that they choose to hang around people who have been vaccinated.” If the vaccine was so wonderful, why should the vaccinated bother about the vax status of those with whom they socialise?

In that, it is a proven reality that none of the vaccines guarantees immunity, then what is the point of being vaccinated when 99% of Covid-infected people recover?  Why, then, is Discovery promoting vaccination when, as 92 independent studies show, natural immunity totally trumps vaccines?  In the face of that reality, why then does Discovery advise booster shots?

 Is ivermectin’s low cost the reason Discovery fails to promote it despite over 60 studies attesting to its efficacy in combatting Covid?

Why is Discovery silent about the dramatic spike in Covid cases of vaccinated people resulting in their hospitalisation in Israel, Ireland, Singapore and West Australia where over 90% of the population has been vaccinated?

Is Discovery aware of the latest finding published in the Lancet Medical Journal that vaccinated people are more likely to spread the Covid variant than the unvaccinated?

There is mounting evidence worldwide of the negative and life-threatening effects of Covid vaccines, none of which has been subjected to the standard testing period of up to five years.

In the light of the above factual realities, by its promotion of vaccines and booster shots and its neglect to endorse the inexpensive yet effective ivermectin, it is difficult to avoid the conclusion that Discovery, like other medical aids, prioritises profits over health and science.

Published in The Mercury on the 10th November 2021.

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