Disband VIP Security Unity

The response by the national police commissioner Fannie Masemola to the jackboot violence meted out by so-called police officers to a motorist and his two passengers typify what passes for justice under the ANC (The Mercury, July 5) and the extent to which South Africa has become a kakistocracy.

Despite the obvious violent, criminal attack on three citizens, Masemola says the “incident” will be investigated while the thugs who perpetrated it will be suspended – presumably on full pay. And like everything else with ANC misrule, the issue will be buried by bureaucratic layers of regulations. Then at best, the thugs will be allowed to appeal against their “sentence.”
The only obvious conclusion to be drawn from this arrogant abuse of power is that those so-called officers are unfit for duty as policemen and should be summarily dismissed and indicted for GBH. Whatever training they received clearly had no influence on them. There was no urgency in their road mission since they were not transporting a VIP.
The fact that R2,3 billion has been paid out to victims of police violence should be reason enough to disband the so-called VIP security unit and to hire private means of transporting ANC mandarins. Private security would not mistreat motorists because they could not afford the claims. Such a dispensation would also lessen the burden on taxpayers on who SAPS relies to pay for the violence its members perpetrate.
Of course, ideally, having allowed the country to slide into lawlessness, ANC bigwigs should be compelled to face the circumstances they have created by foregoing security details when they have to travel. It is sheer hypocrisy that at the cost of millions they are afforded security while citizens have to risk their lives unprotected and possibly beaten up for getting in the way of an ANC convoy.

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