Despite Narrative Repetition, Deep State Is A Reality

If John Wittstock considered his exposure to the repetition of narratives by the mass media, he might ponder the extent to which he has become a victim of what he terms “Goebelesque” indoctrination (The Mercury, August 22).

Predictably, narrative dissent is dismissed as “Right-wing” or “conspiracy” or as “a bogeyman.” According to Wittstock, epithets such as “globalist,” “Soros-funded” and “deep state” somehow are code words for “Jewish” world control.  Bill Gates, the Bidens, Clintons, Macron, Rishi Sunak, Trudeau and the UN Secretary-General, are all globalists who are not Jewish. Yet they are all part of the WEF elite whose agenda is world control by liquidating national sovereignty.

Since it is pointless trying to reverse the repeated clichés and falsehoods regarding Trump which Wittstock has absorbed via the mass media, a more appropriate exercise is to pose him some questions.

How does he account for the two-tier justice system between Trump and Hillary Clinton? How is it that her proven role in fabricating the Russia collusion hoax and financing the fabricated Steele dossier has never earned her an indictment?

How does he account for the indictment of Trump on “racketeering charges” while Biden sits in the White House unindicted despite proof via bank statements that he used 20 shell companies and a false email address to launder millions of dollars?

If Biden’s agenda was so popular, how is it that none of the Democrats can garner tens of thousands of people at public meetings?

Why is the American political establishment so opposed to the upholding of the Constitution in terms of sealing the borders against illegal aliens, returning education to the states, ending CRT indoctrination, ending cancel culture policies and rejecting the globalist narrative on climate change and health mandates?

Instead of disparaging as “poorly educated” those who reject the mass media image of Trump, Mr Wittstock should consider the agenda of the sources upon which he relies for his understanding of events.  How is it that apart from tone and volume they all adhere to the same narrative?  Has he ever considered who owns them and the fact they embrace the WEF agenda?

Upon introspection he may find that “deep state” is not a right wing epithet. It is a reality.

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