Deplorable Opposition Silence On Vax For Children

Although opposition parties have been vocal about the constitutionality of lockdowns, apart from the ACDP, they have been silent on the issue of vaccines (The Mercury, January 6).

Whilst the ACDP must be applauded for challenging the official narrative on the rollout of vaccine jabs for children, the failure of the DA, FF Plus and IFP to support that challenge and to express critical awareness on the efficacy and merits of being vaxxed, is deplorable.

Prominent US virologist, Dr Robert Malone, along with 5,000 medical scientists has issued a declaration denouncing the application of Covid vaccines to children. Malone cites the potential to cause “irreversible” damage in children because of the genetic nature of the vaccine contents. Numerous studies concur that the extent of natural immunity in children rules out any need for the Covid jab.

Besides, reports of adverse effects of the jab show that healthy teenagers have developed myocarditis as a result. In September the FDA voted 16 to 2 against giving booster shots to youngsters because of the threat of myocarditis.

In South Africa, besides section 12 (2) of the constitution which upholds the right to bodily integrity and not to be subjected to medical experiments (none of the vaccines is FDA approved), there is legislation which also protects the individual from coercion. It includes Act 61 of 2003, National Health Care, Act 17 of 2011 – Protection from Harassment, Act 4 of 2013 – Personal Information Act, Act 4 of 2000 – Prevention of Unfair Discrimination.

That legal arsenal should deter employers from coercing employees to have the jab and to respect the right of those who decline.

Resisting efforts to impose the jab on children should be seen as the first step in totally opposing Covid vaccination on the grounds that it does not produce immunity, is not FDA approved, is causing millions of adverse effects and deaths in countries where the majority have been vaxxed. On that basis and the fact that 99% of Covid cases survive, there is neither science nor health in the vax narrative – just a toxic political agenda.

Sent to The Mercury and published 7 Jan 2022.

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