Democracy…..And Democracy

The routine reference to Ukraine as a “democracy” is problematic if one probes what actually goes on there.

Democracies don’t have martial law. Ukraine does. Democracies don’t ban opposition parties. Ukraine does. Democracies don’t prohibit opposition media. Ukraine does. Democracies don’t torture political dissidents. Ukraine does. Here’s the proof:

  • The Guardian –20 March: Zelensky ‘suspended’ 11 opposition parties for reasons of “national security” and because they are “anti-Nato and pro-Russia.”
  • The Guardian – 20 March:  Zelensky announced the merger of all TV channels to implement a “unified information policy,” thereby prohibiting dissenting opinions.
  • – 23 June: On June 20, the Administrative Court of Appeals banned 11 political parties as “anti-Ukrainian” thus endorsing the Ukrainian parliament’s May decision on banning. All property of those parties was confiscated by the National Treasury.
  • Monthly Review ( – 19 April: explicit details of Zelensky’s use of his security apparatus, trained by the CIA, abducting, torturing and murdering political dissidents.

If Putin had banned 11 political parties in Russia, Western media would have accused him of Stalinism. Yet Western governments and media continue to fawn over Zelensky.

Be that as it may, if Ukraine is a “democracy,” as Biden, Macron, Johnson, Trudeau, Ardern and others call it, including the DA’s John Steenhuizen, then, does that mean China, North Korea, Cuba and Iran also ought to qualify as “democracies”?

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