Demise By Design

Confusion and fear are the most effective psychological weapons in asserting control over people. By means of staging events and interpreting developments according to a pre-ordained design, millions are being duped into accepting narratives that are intended to promote the demise of their traditional social order.

Worldwide, globalist elites and their allies in education, politics, Big Tech, Big Pharma, high finance, the mass media and even some churches determine and sustain the narratives on the key issues of green energy, climate change, health, pandemics, vaccines, democracy, dissent, nutrition, gender, human rights.

In every case, complicity is paramount. Foremost in that process is the mass media. The repetition of the same narrative across media networks is very effective in conforming opinion and ensuring adherence. This sheep herding translates into political acceptance and continuity for the narrative purveyors.

Dissent by individuals is dealt with by de-platforming them or, in the case of large groups of US parents opposing Critical Race Theory and gender transitioning, flagging them “domestic terrorists.” In New York, teachers who refused to be vaxxed were flagged as having “problem codes.” Their fingerprints were sent to the FBI. “Misconduct” was listed on their records. Worse still, in terms of the WHO-imposed “bio-security agenda,” the unvaxxed are being tracked by a programme called ICD-10 which accesses medical records through clinics, hospitals, and doctors. By design, freedom is being violated and diminished.

The cult of environmentalism has become the new state religion. Contrary facts and data concerning the environment fall on deaf ears as the globalists insist on decarbonisation, the reduction of bovine herds, insect nutrition and green energy. Control of the producers and purveyors of nutrition by mega-corporations like Pepsico, the largest food and beverage company in North America and the second largest in the world (revenues of $64 billion in 2022), reinforces the environmentalist cult.

Inconvenient truths, such as those being revealed by Republicans on the Judicial Committee of the House of Representatives, are being subjected to diversions so as not to clog the news media and to challenge existing narratives on gun control, election integrity and the right to free speech. The gunman who recently killed several people at Michigan University was known by the FBI for flouting gun laws in 2019 yet his licence was never revoked. Although he took his own life, was he set up to perpetrate those killings as a means of diverting attention from the House hearings so as to re-focus opposition to the right to bear arms?

The biggest threat facing globalist power and their plans to destroy national sovereignty and depopulate the planet is their fear of an informed public. Their efforts to coerce progressive compliance with their totalitarian objectives should alert all who value liberty because, as Robert F Kennedy Jnr has wisely warned: “Nobody ever complied their way out of totalitarianism.”

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