DA Caucus Choice Spurned Window Dressing

The controversy over the election of a predominantly white caucus executive by the DA’s eThekwini councillors has exposed the extent to which the notions of racial diversity and majoritarianism are at odds with the democratic process and the principle of fit-for-purpose job suitability and competence (Mercury, March 22 & 23).

Lost in this unnecessary uproar is the fact that the non-white majority of the DA’s caucus (45 of the 59 members) voted for the candidates they believed are the best suited as leaders. In so doing they prioritised competence and experience ahead of window dressing which results when, for the sake of servicing the notion of racial diversity, skin colour is prioritised over job suitability.

The Mercury of March 23 carries two reports on the dysfunctional state of local government as a result of incompetence and political party infighting. Both reports reflect the fact that preference for cronyism over the principle of fit-for-purpose capability has crippled service delivery and led to insolvency.

If the ideal of non-racialism is to be realised, then notions of demographic representivity and majoritarianism must be discarded. In that the predominantly non-white DA eThekwini caucus cast their votes in favour of fit for purpose colleagues who happen to be white should be applauded as a victory for non-racialism and the democratic process.

Racial discrimination will never end until notions of majoritarianism and demographic representivity are abandoned. Moreover, there is abundant evidence proving that good governance suffers when those notions are prioritised.

Sent into The Mercury and published, 25 March 2018.

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