Crunch Time Looms For America

In that it is the aim of the Deep State, new world order elite to convert the US into a Third World welfare state, the policies of the pliant Biden regime are proving successful.

Since the November 3, 2020 coup d’ etat which installed Biden as the resident in the White House, he has obediently served his masters. His first tasks included opening the US southern border to all comers and ending the energy independence which Trump had achieved.

Flooding the US with illegal aliens is a key aspect in creating social chaos and division into which rampant crime, drug cartels, child trafficking, and terror groups are thrown into the toxic mix. The official figure of illegal aliens entering the US between 1 October 2022 and 30 September 2023 is 3,2 million. Prior to that, at least four million had swarmed into the country.

Besides the shocking humanitarian crisis of 46,000 alien, parentless children, which has overwhelmed social shelters and welfare agencies across the states, the number of single males among the alien masses raises questions of their purpose and affiliation.

The answer to that is now clear. They are the foot soldiers of the new world order, whose task it is to promote internal violence and terror. As the numerous militant pro-Hamas riots and demonstrations indicate, thanks to the Biden puppet regime, America has been infiltrated by terrorists.

Besides that, across America, the masks obscuring identity have fallen. Hamas has 230 chapters of support across university campuses. Years of brainwashing by globalists, Soros-funded academics have educated legions of fanatics calling for the violent eradication of all Jews and of Israel.

The new head of the Homeland Security Immigration Enforcement, Nejwa Ali, is a former spokesperson for the Palestine Liberation Organisation. She calls for the destruction of Israel on her social media posts while glorifying Hamas.

Crime-ridden, demented by woke and equity policies, flooded with fentanyl by cartels, confused by transgenderism, morally dissolute, and subject to a weaponized judicial system that criminalises the First Amendment and has indicted rank and file Americans as ‘domestic terrorists’ because they support traditional law and order, America under the Biden/Obama regime has become an effete shadow of its former self.

But that is what the globalists want, so America can become a vassal state of the Orwellian order they intend. A strong America, as Trump achieved and promises to re-establish, is anathema to them.

2024 will be crunch time for the American Republic—unless enough of its legitimate citizens recognise that the land of liberty is on the brink of expiry and vote out the Deep State globalist treasonists.

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