COVID Falsehoods Deplored

Professor Ramneek Ahluwalia’s lengthy discourse in Post May 18-22 on Covid-19, its variants and treatments, cannot be allowed to pass unchallenged in the light of concrete, contrary evidence.

Despite 400 independent studies done by the Brownstone Institute in the US and despite the more than 60,000 medical signatories of the Great Barrington Declaration that there is no science in wearing masks because they do not inhibit viral transmission,  Professor Ahluwalia insists on their efficacy.

How does he explain that neither Sweden nor South Dakota prescribed masks, yet the health of their respective populations was not subject to any exceptional, negative consequences?  But where Ahluwalia really loses the plot on masks is his contention that “wearing a mask will prevent you from contracting the ‘flu.” If that were true, then ‘flu would have been banished long ago and few of those over-the-counter ‘flu meds would be on sale.

He cites sneezing, nasal congestion, sore throat, coughing and fatigue as indicators of a mutation of Omnicron. So what happened to the ‘flu, Professor? Those are common ‘flu symptoms which have been largely suppressed and re-purposed as Covid indicators so as to sustain the pandemic narrative. Significantly, but not surprisingly, Ahluwalia makes no mention of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine as being proven, effective Covid treatments.

What is particularly disingenuous about Ahluwalia’s discourse is his claim that the so-called vaccines restore immunity. This is the most tragic and outrageous claim by certain members of the medical profession despite growing evidence to the contrary. Sixteen months of observation by the Centre of Disease Control and the UK Health ministry has found that vaxxing is ineffective in preventing Covid or Omnicron transmission while causing depletion of natural immunity. Israel, Portugal and Germany – all 90% vaxxed – are overwhelmed by re-infections.

By attributing the absence of mass infections and hospitalisations to the extent of vaxxing in South Africa, Ahluwalia really shows serious ignorance. It is an accepted fact that only about 30% of the population has been vaxxed. Resistance to Omicron and whatever new variant is being contrived, therefore is the result of natural immunity and cannot be attributed to vaxxing.

Worse still is Ahluwalia’s silence on the monthly increases in the number of adverse effects and deaths which the so-called vaccines are causing. These can be accessed from the VAERS data – vaccine adverse effects reporting system. The most recent VAERS data, up to May 6, shows 27,968 deaths and 228,477 serious health defects caused by the so-called vaccines. No other vaccine in medical history has ever been allowed to cause such harm before being withdrawn.

Yet Ahluwalia advocates vaccination of children from the age of 12 despite consensus from many independent studies proving children have a stronger natural immunity than adults and despite shocking data showing unprecedented heart ailments in children who have been vaxxed.

It is saddening and maddening to see the extensive coverage afforded to Professor Ahluwalia’s echoing of the fear narrative propounded by the World Health Organisation and its adherents propagating falsehoods about Covid and its treatments.

Sent into The Post 19 May 2022

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