Covid “Experts” Deserve Disdain

Reference to the opinions of “experts” on how to react to the first reported case of a new Covid variant (The Mercury, January 9) should be regarded with disdain.

The so-called experts were responsible for following the dictates of Big Pharma to negate science in plunging South Africa into lockdowns, masks and vaccines when science decreed that the effects of those measures were worse than Covid itself. These so-called experts ignored the voices of scientific integrity exemplified by the authors of the Great Barrington Declaration – Dr Martin Kulldorf of Harvard, Dr Sunetra Gupta of Oxford and Dr Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford, along with 60,000 scientists and medical doctors – who bravely debunked the Big Pharma/ globalist narrative.

The opinion of one of the “experts,” Professor Nigel Garrett quoted in The Mercury’s report, is particularly relevant seeing as he and two of his colleagues, Drs Lessells and Msomi, conducted a workshop last July in which they ardently promoted masks and vaxxing. They were challenged in these columns on August 22 to respond to the irrefutable evidence that their prescriptions were misleading and contrary to science. Their failure to respond was not surprising given the sources of funding upon which their research institutions rely.

In terms of the bigger picture, what needs to be appreciated is the agenda underlying what is being propagated as pandemics. By promoting fear and alarm, the objective is population control. Although it has been conceded that Covid-19 was nothing more than the virulent flu from which 99% of those infected survived, the ulterior motive of those in Big Pharma, the WHO, the CDC, the bought politicians and scientists, is to coerce the masses into having the concoction called “the vaccine.”

Irrefutable proof of the fact that the so-called vaccines are hazardous to health is available from the statistics of the passive vaccine adverse effects reporting system (VAERS). More than 30,000 people have died from the jab, and over 500,000 have experienced extreme illness and impairment.

Yet, the likes of Professor Garrett and Adrian Gore of Discovery (see: Biznews, January 6) insist on promoting vaxxing, despite proof that it neither prevents re-infection nor produces immunity. Worse still, vaxxing and boosters are depleting natural immunity which is why ill health afflicts the vaxxed far more than the unvaxxed.

Journalist Brian Pottinger’s appeal, made last February, for a TRC-type investigation into the Covid, pandemic, and vax narrative, is overdue.

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