Covid and Vaccines Debate

Mary De Haas rightly encourages interrogation of the issues concerning Covid-19 and vaccination (The Mercury, September 17). The following perspectives may further illuminate that interrogation.

Although the PCR test (Polymerase Chain Reaction) is regarded as the ‘gold standard’ in detecting Covid-19, it is important to note what Reuters Fact-Checking stated on 13 November 2020 in response to social media claims that PCR tests are “fraudulent.” Reuters found “detecting viral material by PCR does not indicate that the virus is infectious and able to infect others and that there are limitations in detecting specific levels of a virus from a sample using PCR testing.”

It is, therefore, not unreasonable to consider the extent to which PCR tests may have overstated the actual viral risk posed by individuals.

Regarding the status of vaccines, on 23 August 2021, the FDA issued a statement qualifying its stance on the Pfizer vaccine. It stated that it was not fully approved by the FDA and had been issued only an EUA permit, that is for ‘Emergency Use Authorisation’ on the understanding that Pfizer was fully indemnified against any adverse reactions.

Then on 1 September 2021, the CDC issued a statement clarifying the definition of a vaccine. It termed it “a preparation that is used to stimulate the body’s immune response against diseases.” Significantly, the CDC did not state that the vaccine immunised a person and that having the jab certified immunity. In that context, Biden’s vaccine edict applicable to 100 million American employees – “We have to protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated” – implies vaccination is no guarantee of immunity.

Further to the vaccine question, Dr Fauci was unable to answer CNN’s chief medical correspondent, Dr Sanjay Gupta, why a Covid-recovered person would need a vaccine. Gupta cited an Israeli study which showed that natural immunity was 27 times more effective than a vaccine.

A worrying development is the occurrence of a variant of Covid in persons already vaccinated. Many American doctors are now questioning whether the booster shots are serving to perpetuate viral mutations. In Israel, where almost everyone has been vaccinated and people are already lining up for their fourth booster shot, fresh Covid cases are rife.

What needs to be appreciated is that just as we have had state capture in South Africa, the world has been subjected to regulatory capture by Big Pharma. Allied with corrupt politicians, the mass media and sections of the medical fraternity, vaccines are being promoted as the ‘get out of jail’ route.

Regulatory capture explains why Ivermectin, with a 47-year safety record and as one of the most positively peer- reviewed drugs, is deprecated by Big Pharma. As a cheap medication, there is no money in Ivermectin for them. Yet its efficacy is beyond doubt. The Indian state of Uttar Pradesh with a population of 240 million, has recorded a 98,7% recovery rate from Covid thanks to Ivermectin. Dr James Meehan of Tulsa, Oklahoma has treated 2,700 Covid patients with Ivermectin without a single death.

In the light of the above, why is the CDC promoting what it calls Green Zones? Touted as “quarantine” zones, they are actually fortified camps under construction in Australia. History shows that such structures have always been part of totalitarian societies.

Published in The Mercury 20 September 2021

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