Corrupt State Of The Law In Biden’s Regime

In keeping with its narrative to disparage Donald Trump, the global press represented by the Agence France- Presse report in The Mercury of August 15, repeats the false accusation that Trump violated criminal statutes by keeping state documents illegally.

Absent from this report and others published by the mass media are some key issues:

  • Besides the fact that the documents in his possession were all declassified, Trump has been co-operating with the National Archives in response with their requests.
  • With Trump’s co-operation, the FBI had supervised the storage of documents in Mar- a- Largo including the locking device and knew exactly where they were on the property, so why did they take 12 hours to search the premises?
  • Bruce Reinhart, the Magistrate Judge who signed the warrant, had no authority to do so because of his inferior rank. Thus, it may be argued that the warrant was illegal thereby nullifying the entire FBI operation.
  • Why was Trump’s lawyer not permitted to view the FBI’s search warrant?
  • Why did Biden’s Attorney-General, Merrick Garland, take 18 months before deciding he needed declassified papers from Trump? What probable cause does he have?

Besides there being no precedent subjecting the private property of a former President to such intrusion, this harassment of Trump needs to be seen in context with the pursuit of the records of prominent Democrats.

When she left office as Secretary of State, despite a subpoena by Congress, Hillary Clinton deleted or acid-washed 33,000 emails. In 2017, Obama trucked 30 million pages of documents to Chicago claiming they were to be digitised. Five years later they remain unavailable. Biden’s Senate papers from 2009 are still not publicly available nor are his Vice President’s papers which are sitting in the University of Delaware.

None of those Democrats was subjected to FBI searches of their properties. Garland’s claim that “the law was applied” to Trump shows how politically corrupt and weaponised the law has become in Biden’s regime.

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