Context Of Anti-Trump Vendetta

The cases of Stormy Daniels, Jean Carroll, (The Mercury, May 11) the Georgia vote count, the Bragg case, NY  Attorney-General  Letitia James’ alleged civil fraud suit against the Trump family, and the Mar-a-Largo raid are all promoted by the same people with the same motive: to destroy Trump politically. The question is: why?

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’ election campaign received $1 million from socialist, anti-American billionaire and Trump-hater George Soros. Bragg boasted that his main aim was “to bag Trump.” Likewise, Letitia James’ election manifesto stated that her foremost ambition was to find something on which to indict Trump. Across America and especially in New York and Washington DC, Soros-funded prosecutors abound with their no-cash bail for street crimes.

The case brought by Jean Carroll was funded by major Democrat donor Reid Hoffman who has pledged to pay whatever it takes to prevent Trump from regaining political power.  Sam Bankman-Fried, another major Democrat donor, has the same motive. The fact that Carroll could not remember when the allegations she made against Trump took place but has waited nearly 30 years to decide to press charges, should indicate just how politically weaponised the justice system in the US has become.

Yet evidence of election interference in 2020 by 51 top Justice and FBI officials in falsifying the contents of the Hunter Biden laptop is ignored by the two-tiered justice system that now prevails under the Biden regime. Meanwhile the Department of Justice refuses to release hundreds of documents disclosing Biden family money-laundering and under- the- radar business deals with China.

The witch-hunt and vendetta against Donald Trump is reaching extreme proportions because of the very real political threat he poses to the entrenched Deep State operatives who control America. Their aim is to abolish its constitution, abolish its national sovereignty and to reduce it to Third World status through open borders. The Deep State frenzy against Trump and his Maga movement has gone into top gear since the release of his ten point plan in March to shatter Deep State’s grip on the US.

Here are some of those points: To return government to the people by removing the bureaucrats who have weaponised government against the people; to declassify all Deep State documents and publish them; to press criminal charges against all officials and their colluders who wilfully promoted false narratives; to implement a top to bottom overhaul of education institutes removing Marxists and banning critical race theory; to bar Federal bureaucrats from seeking top positions in Big Pharma, Big Tech; to combat careerism in politics by placing term limits on elected representation; to sanction a Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

A Trump victory in 2024 means charges of sedition and treason are coming to the Deep State elite and their toadies like Obama, Clinton, Biden and his key administration officials such as Meyrick Garland and Alej Mayorkas. What President John F Kennedy warned of and feared is facing its comeuppance.

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