Climate Message On Tourism Ignores Travel Reality

If Blessing Manale of the Presidential Climate Commission had made the effort to analyse the UN Secretary-General’s message on World Tourism Day concerning “the climate emergency,” he would have noted its fundamental contradiction concerning travel and transport (Business Report, September 27).

Besides regurgitating the absolute falsehood that carbon emissions are causing climate change and global warming, exhorting the tourism industry to involve itself in climate issues without addressing the issue of travel and transport is a bit like trying to bake a cake without heat.

Given the mania to decarbonise the planet, how does Blessing Manale expect tourists to reach distant continents when air travel requires fossil fuel? Given their grand plan to decarbonise the planet, what provision have they made to substitute all the carbon-based machinery, appliances and accoutrements the tourism industry requires to function?

How do they intend to mine the various elements needed to manufacture the “renewables” upon which they base future energy supplies? Without powerful fossil fuel-driven engines none of that is possible.

The sheer fiction of the narrative that human beings cause climate change deserves as much contempt as the fiction purveyed by the Flat Earth Society.  Compounding that is the sheer waste of money and resources on a presidential commission.

It’s time the news media distinguished between fact and fiction and dispensed with publishing pages of newsprint on a narrative that is devoid of scientific and historical truth.

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