Climate Change And Independent’s Code Of Conduct

On October 2, I wrote to you to question the Independent’s adherence to its Code of Conduct in the light of its publication and dissemination of falsehoods regarding climate change, referring specifically to the October 2 issue of Business Report.

To date, there has been no response from your office to me. The conclusions I draw from that are not flattering and pose questions about the purpose of your office.

Be that as it may, by your publication of a fresh edition of the falsehoods penned by one Blessing Manale in Business Report on October 18, in which, ironically, he labels those who oppose his narrative on climate change as “liars,” it is clear that you are content to continue to allow Independent’s Code of Conduct to be violated.

There is abundant evidence available to dismiss the Manales of this world and their egregious narrative. That is what Independent should be focusing on because it upholds its Code of Conduct. Allied with that journalistic thrust would be the exposure of the agenda of those who claim climate change is man-made.

Worldwide, there is a pushback underway against the globalist ESG simply because its consequences are Orwellian and dystopian. If Independent wants to live up to its claim of being “independent,” it should divorce itself from the false Manale decarbonization narrative.

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