Climate And COVID Narratives Challenged

As much as one admires the thoughtful approach he manifests on a wide range of topics, it is a pity that Thyagaraj Markandan has bought into the narratives on global warming and the Covid pandemic ( The Mercury, 21 July).

Storms, floods, heat and exceptional snowfalls have been part of life on Earth for millennia. Unfortunately, their occurrence is now seized upon to promote the falsehood that human behaviour is responsible for them because of carbon emissions. But that narrative is unable to explain why those same weather patterns have occurred throughout history when fossil fuels were either unknown or not in widespread use.

In Slaying the Dragon (2011), H Schreuder points out that in the Jurassic-Cretaceous period, between 150 and 66 million years ago, scientists have established that the CO2 content was over 2,000 parts per million but did not result in catastrophic incineration of the planet.  Today CO2 is only 390 parts per million, yet according to the narrative, the earth is on the verge of burning up.

Thus, the real purveyors of conspiracy theory about global warming and its dire consequences are the UN, the Paris Accord, the EU, the WEF, the bought scientists and politicians. Their narrative is totally debunked by scientists with integrity. Donald Trump was absolutely correct in recognising the falsehood of the conspirators’ narrative and withdrawing the US from the Paris Accord hoax.

Seven million people did not die from Covid, as Mr Markandan states in regurgitating another false narrative. If 99% of those infected with Covid survived, how is the figure of 7 million compiled? It is now being conceded that deaths ascribed to Covid included victims of pneumonia, influenza, comorbidities, motor accidents and natural deaths of the elderly.  Hospitals were paid sums varying from $17,000 upwards for deaths in order to falsify the extent of what was never a pandemic.

As regards Covid  so-called vaccines which Mr Markandan justifies because he does not question the pandemic narrative,  his focus should be on the motives why those improperly tested drugs were forced onto millions.

Instead of dismissing the incontrovertible facts about carbon emissions and Covid, Mr Markandan should be questioning the growing number of sudden deaths that are occurring amongst people of all ages who were vaxxed.  Does the refusal of the mainstream media to probe the significant increase in death rates in the highly vaxxed Western world not constitute a conspiracy?

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