Chief Justice Zondo Commended

From the slanderous tone of the KZN ANC Executive’s attempt to vilify Chief Justice Raymond Zondo for his scathing condemnation of the ANC’s abandonment of principles and values held by its erstwhile leaders (The Mercury, March 29), it is clear that Zondo has exposed the elephant in the room.

What is significant about the ANC’s hysterical response is that it resorts to character assassination in an attempt to deflect attention from its shameless corruption. It is also risible and ironic for the ANC to describe Zondo as “a reckless charlatan” when that is exactly what the ANC is.

Only the ANC elite would disagree with the Chief Justice when he says the ANC has reversed the gains of democracy and that the sacrifices made by previous leaders have been nullified.

By reminding those in office of the extent to which they have abandoned constitutional values, Chief Justice Raymond Zondo is to be commended for his candour and courage for speaking the truth. As the Chief Justice whose duty is to uphold the constitution, his condemnation of the current ANC leadership is entirely in accord with the preamble of the constitution which exhorts that “government is based on the will of the people.”

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