Challenging Views On Gaza War

An article published by the Gatestone Institute of New York this past week provides alternative perspectives on the war in Gaza, which challenge views routinely expressed by Letters’ page scribes.

Michael and Leonard Hochberg, respectively of Cambridge University and the Hoover Institute, unpack the cause of what they call ‘forever wars’, which, they argue, are promoted by Western politicians and terrorism sponsors.

Their first observation is that Hamas does not abide by the laws of war in that it uses civilians as human shields, who are then considered ‘martyrs’ whose families are eligible for monthly stipends of up to $3,000. In so doing, the Hochbergs contend that Hamas is perhaps the first regime in history to fight a war designed to maximise casualties among its own population.

As such, atrocity is a strategy which elicits international benevolence and generosity and thereby contributes to the forever war syndrome. “If we want to live in a world where the laws of war mean something, then the penalties for deliberately flouting them need to be terrible.”

They assert that a Machiavellian response of absolute destruction of Hamas for exploitation of the atrocity strategy is the only way to prevent ‘forever wars.’ Whereas doctrines of ceasefire and international regime recognition ensure that vengeance leads to renewed violence and war.

Deluded politicians like Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer fail to recognise that Hamas and the Gazan population are one and the same. By providing funding and aid, Schumer and his ilk dignify and perpetuate hostility. They are also deluded in calling for a two-state solution when Hamas wants a single state with no Israel. Helping to exacerbate the issue are the Biden regime’s efforts to overthrow Netanyahu’s government.

The Hochbergs’ concluding warning is that failure to crush Hamas and directly punish its backers in Iran and Qatar, will encourage terror merchants elsewhere to add strategies of atrocity to their playbook, thereby stoking conflict.

The collusion of effete-bought politicians with arms manufacturers completes the picture of what fuels forever wars.

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