Challenging The Vaccine Narrative

The embrace of the “must have the vaccine” narrative by the committees of Medical and Dental Deans (The Mercury, September 9) is illustrative of the coercive influence of Big Pharma and the mass media in imposing their will on humanity.

The explanations offered by the two medical committees in the motivation of being vaccinated against Covid-19 are a sad indication of the Pavlovian extent to which they are following the fallacious narrative. First of all, if these vaccines were so marvellous, why would you have to have a second and even a third “booster?” Nobody had booster shots when we were immunised against polio.

Worldwide data shows that new Covid cases are occurring amongst those who have already been vaccinated: 95% in Israel, the same statistic in New South Wales, 75% in Singapore, 45% in the UK (World Net Daily, August 12).  The CDC has already conceded that the Pfizer vaccine is only 42% effective, whatever that means.

What the vaccine narrative adherents and their media are not disclosing are reports about the adverse effects of these wondrous vaccines. Vaccine Adverse Events reports as of August 23: 13,068 deaths, 154,142 hospitalisations, 5,617 anaphylaxis cases, 4,681 Bells Palsy cases, 1,607 miscarriages, 4,861 myocarditis cases, 13,812 life-threatening reactions, 17,228 permanently disabled cases – all as a result of the more than 300 million vaccine doses administered. Rock guitarist Eric Clapton’s horror experience following his jab should be compulsory reading.

Also being downplayed is the reality that natural immunity is far more effective than vaccines. Dr Martin Kulldorf of Harvard Medical School has demonstrated that natural immunity exponentially provides the best protection against Covid-19. His findings are corroborated by 15 independent studies elsewhere in the US (World Net Daily, August 27).

This entire saga of a life-threatening virus is contrived. If there was a pandemic we would be seeing flatbed trucks laden with dead bodies as masses of people succumbed to the virus as was the case in the Black Death over 600 years ago. We would be seeing people stampeding in desperation to get the “vaccine.” But the reality is that over 96% of Covid-infected cases recover, so this is not a pandemic and there is no need for a vaccine. And there certainly is no sense in taking vaccines none of which has been properly tested.

Published in The Mercury, November 9 2021

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