Celebrating A Lie

Given his status as a functionary of the Gates-funded World Health Organisation, the title of Professor Salim Abdool Karim’s book Standing up for Science: A voice of Reason, is not surprising (The Mercury, June 27). But in terms of his claims about the Covid pandemic, it is the celebration of a lie.

There was no pandemic because of the recovery of 99% of those infected. A pandemic is when at least 30% of the population is wiped out. The claims about death rates were falsely inflated by including deaths from ‘flu, pneumonia, co-morbidities and those with compromised immune systems. Attempts at establishing whether deaths were of Covid or with Covid were quashed.

Science was ignored by the WHO, the FDA, the CDC, Professor Karim and all those in the thrall of Big Pharma. The voices of tens of thousands of doctors represented by the Great Barrington Declaration were denigrated for pointing out that there is no science in lockdowns, mask-wearing, social distancing, and closure of beaches, schools and churches. Instead, science was ignored despite the proven efficacy of inexpensive ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. In that way, Big Pharma’s road to mega profits was paved.

The truth about this sorry saga is that science was prostituted by those who are beholden to the narrative prescribed by Big Pharma and the WHO for reasons that were anything but humanitarian. But now the truth about the subjugation of billions of people to the craven dictates of corrupt science, politicians and the fawning mass media is dripping out worldwide.

Lockdowns caused a spike in suicides and psychological disorders, drove countless small businesses into bankruptcy and poverty and retarded school education. But what is worse than those effects are the effects of the so-called vaccine. Hailed as the miracle cure, despite Pfizer and the FDA being aware of its defects and ineffectiveness, the likes of Karim and his allies assiduously promoted the jab while vilifying dissenting voices of reason.

As a result of mass vaxxing, unprecedented increases in death rates are occurring. Unprecedented rates of infertility, miscarriages, heart ailments and illnesses among people of all ages, particularly the young and the athletic, have become a reality.

Far from being “A voice of reason,” Professor Karim owes South Africa an apology for being complicit in medical fraud.

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