Case For Vaccination Unproven

Deploring an argument without factually disproving it may be self-serving but otherwise is pointless. Penny De Vries’ assertion that “vaccination is an act of loyal citizenship” (The Mercury, September 30) is a case in point.

Without adducing a shred of contrary evidence, her primary objection to the case against Covid vaccination is that it is based on “harmful information” is “right-wing” and reflects “conspiracy theory.”

Such an outlook is sad because it reflects an uncritical acceptance of opinions simply because they have been repeatedly stated by sources that are familiar and therefore must be beyond question. Compounding that outlook, De Vries draws comfort from the fact that millions have already been vaccinated and therefore it must be not only the right thing to do but also “an act of loyal citizenship.” Shame.

The right “not to be subjected to medical experiments” is provided by section 12 (2) of our constitution. The fact that all the vaccines are still in an experimental stage is why the Big Pharma companies are indemnified against claims from adverse reactions. That reality alone should caution people about having the vaccination.

Moreover, none of the vaccines provides immunity from Covid. That, Penny De Vries, is not “my fact” but has been stated by the FDA and the CDC and proven in Israel where fresh Covid infections are rife despite 99% of the population having been vaccinated.

 Dr Peter McCullough, Professor of Medicine at Baylor University in Dallas, editor of two medical journals and author of 600 peer-reviewed medical publications has stated: “Covid vaccines have an unfavourable safety profile. They are not clinically effective and thus cannot be generally supported at this time” (source: World Net Daily, September 27).

In that same report, Dr McCullough called for the removal of all Covid vaccines from the market. His call is based on the growing number of adverse, life-threatening effects of those vaccines, exacerbated by the administration of booster shots.

The Mercury is to be commended for affording the opportunity to challenge the narrative on Covid vaccination. But if people want to shelter behind epithets like “right-wing” and “conspiracy theories” to justify ignoring divergent facts and actual truths, that is their prerogative. The mind is like a parachute. It works only if you open it.

Published in The Mercury 5 OCTOBER 2021

The Mercury declined to allow further letters challenging the narrative after 5/10. But later resumed.

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