Carbon Taxes Are Totally Unjustified

It is a pity that the petroleum and minerals industry are haggling over the proposed carbon tax increases instead of confronting the government with the fact that climate change is not in any way affected by carbon emissions and, therefore, taxing emissions is totally unjustified (Business Report, September 14).

There is no scientific basis to the parrot cry of the media and the Green lobby that carbon emissions pose “an existential threat” to the planet. History shows that warmer and colder periods occurred over the past 2,000 years when fossil fuels were not in use. Thus, climate change patterns have nothing to do with human activities.

Despite that reality, the past 50 years has seen a variety of apocalyptic predictions, ranging from rising sea levels to scorching heat, none of which has transpired. Since ocean levels have been measured over the past 150 years, no more than a 3 millimetre increase per annum has been noted and ascribed to a recovery from the cooler 1400-1850 period.

The fallacy of the alleged effects of carbon emissions is attested to by the Sixth Report of the UN on the subject. According to its own models, if all fossil fuels were eliminated, the effect of global temperature would be just two-tenths of a degree Celsius. Curiously, that report ignores the fact that carbon dioxide is environmentally essential for plant and vegetation growth.

Although climate change is a natural and historically proven reality, it is being politically exploited so as to assert new controls over people.  Carbon taxes are simply another means by which governments can access funds to squander. Taxing major industries in terms of their emissions, would increase the cost of living, exacerbate unemployment and the level of poverty. Already this is occurring because coal mines are being denied financial services by banks like Standard on the false grounds that they are promoting climate change.

By demonising carbon emissions, the tragic irony is that the green oligarchy promoting this fraud with their slogan “build back better” is going to cause massive starvation and depopulation. Without fossil fuel-powered farm implements, greatly reduced gas-emitting livestock herds, bulk transport, factory processing plants and domestic heating, that is a reality. It raises the obvious question: Cui bono –who benefits?

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