Caravan Of Migrants Is An Invasion Of The US

It is disappointing to see The Witness (October 25) echoing the same story of despair and pity as the mainstream media concerning the so-called ‘caravan’ of migrants seeking to enter the US.

Never shy to criticise and question the Trump administration, somehow that journalistic investigative spirit has failed to question how it is that, seemingly spontaneously, thousands of people leave their homes and belongings and join a 2,000 mile trek to the US.

Where are the questions as to who is paying for this? Who organised it? After all, a support system and logistical planning must be part of such a large exodus of people. Surely those aspects are the most important part of the story and not just the outpouring of pity?

The reality of this issue is that it is an organised invasion of the US. Criticism of Trump for denying it entry into the US has no moral or legal foundation.It is simply part of the ongoing, nauseating attempts to demonise Donald Trump and the millions of Americans who believe in firm borders and legal immigration, unlike the Democrats who want open borders and Hillary Clinton, who in 2016, stated that the US is not a country but a hemisphere to which all are free to enter.

Sent into The Witness and published, 27 October 2018.

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