Call For Putin’s Arrest Is A Contrived Red Herring

The way in which the DA is working itself up into a lather over the visit of President Putin and calling for his arrest reflects much about the DA’s stance on global affairs and the double standards that prevail on international issues.

The ICC has charged Putin with war crimes and the deportation of the population from occupied areas of Ukraine to Russia. On that basis, the DA wants him arrested when he arrives to attend the July 25-27 BRICS summit in Johannesburg.

Also attending the summit will be President Xi Jinping of China. His humanitarian record makes Putin’s look moderate. First of all, China is a one-party Communist state. Under Xi policies of coercive control, forced abortion and sterilisation are practised. Kazakh, Uyghur and Muslim minorities are confined to camps and subjected to forced labour. Religious sites are destroyed and Chinese youth face persecution for involvement in religious services. Then there is China’s military subjugation of Tibet.

How come those policies don’t seem to bother the DA’s humanitarian conscience? How come Xi is welcomed but Putin is threatened with arrest?

The narrative that Zelensky of Ukraine is the poster boy of democracy and good intentions is a myth. The man is not only a puppet of the globalists, but he is a dictator. He has arrested the leader of the opposition, Viktor Medvedchuk, banned all opposition and closed down their TV stations. He provides no accountability for the billions of US taxpayer largesse the Biden regime has provided.

Support for Ukraine amounts to an endorsement of the despotism of the Zelensky regime which acts as a money-laundering, bio-weapon factory, human trafficking conduit for the criminal syndicates associated with the new world order and the WEF.

The threat of financial instability to which South Africa is being subjected because of its non-aligned stance in the war between Russia and Ukraine, is symptomatic of the fear the US dollar-WEF hegemony and its satraps are experiencing at the challenge posed to their geopolitical and economic domination by the emerging BRICS alignment.

The call for Putin’s arrest is a contrived red herring.

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