BRICS Report Exposes ANC Shambles

The Mercury’s front page headline on January 31 has a typographical error. Instead of stating “SA’s popularity soars among wealthy,” it should read “Western Cape’s popularity soars among wealthy,” as emphasised by the accompanying photo of the Muizenberg beachfront.

Nowhere in the glowing article of the attractiveness of the Western Cape to the wealthy is there any mention of the Natal Midlands or other attractive parts of South Africa.  Of course, the elephant in the room regarding this subject is the fact that the flourishing Western Cape is the only province not under ANC control.

As such, the Brics report showing Cape Town as the destination of choice of the wealthy is a stinging reproach of the utter failure of ANC governance of the rest of the country. It also ramps up the case for the independence of the Western Cape from the shambles that is South Africa under the thoroughly corrupt, inept, criminal syndicate which masquerades as a political party.

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