Bovine Belching Is No Threat

It is disappointing to note that Thyagaraj Markandan, whose contributions to these columns are invariably well-informed, appears to have been drawn into the false narrative that belching bovines are contributing to global warming and consequently their numbers should be culled (The Mercury, October 20).

Whilst climate change is a natural, historical reality, global warming is a false narrative challenged by the fact that temperatures over the past 60 years have been consistent and that none of the dire predictions of rising ocean levels has occurred.

Regarding the emission of CH4 (methane gas) by cattle, Professor Frank Mitloehner of the University of California stated in the International Livestock Research Institute’s September 2020 edition that the effect of those emissions is overstated. He points out that while the UN’s Global Carbon Project claims an average of 558 tons of methane gas is emitted into the atmosphere, almost all of it – 548 tons – is absorbed back into plants and soils.

Therefore, while some changes to cattle feed may reduce their CH4 emissions, they pose no threat to the environment. Equally devoid of truth is the assertion that cattle herds occupy too much land space and are harming the environment. As Professor Mitloehner points out, 66% of world agricultural land is marginal, which is of no use for crop cultivation but is ideal for ruminant livestock.

Instead of recycling the false alarmism promoted by the UN’s Environmental Social Governance and the World Economic Forum (WEF), the focus should be on their objectives. Environmental concern is merely a smokescreen to obscure their intention to depopulate the planet.

It should be quite obvious that massive culling of livestock as the globalist Dutch government seeks to enforce, is going to create a food famine. Bill Gates’ promotion of lab-produced protein, besides being less than nourishing, will destroy millions of jobs traditionally associated with the livestock industry.

The corollary of that is the replacement of private enterprises with corporate giants free of market competition. Not only would consumers be denied choice in terms of price and product, but such circumstances would serve as a means of further state control over people.

Besides depopulating the planet, underlying the feigned environmental concern of the green agenda is the establishment of a global capitalist oligarchy to preside in Orwellian fashion over greatly reduced numbers of people reduced to serfdom.

These evil intentions are on display in the UN’s 2030 agenda and that of the WEF. It is evident in the enforced reduction of fossil fuels by various WEF puppet governments in Europe and that of the Biden regime. It is already evident in the mounting illness and deaths resulting from the globally conducted vaxxing mania.

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