Boris Johnson Vindicates Vax Critics

Dismissing whatever challenges the anointed narrative as “conspiracy theory” may be fun or even cathartic as exemplified by Clyde Bawden’s quip (The Mercury, January 21) ‘Durban’s all Bluff until you get to the Point.’

But although it is probably pointless expecting Bawden to reconsider his views on the Covid vax issue, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s volte-face on the subject may jolt his thinking because it vindicates what vax opponents have been saying is not “conspiracy theory.”

From January 27 all Covid restrictions including the wearing of masks and vax passports will no longer apply in the UK. “We must learn to live with Covid in the same way we have to live with ‘flu,” said Johnson. He conceded that the Covid policy models as prescribed by medical academics Neil Ferguson, Tim Specter and Carl Heneghan had proved “wildly incorrect” and that the effect of the lockdowns has been “monstrous.”

The implication of Johnson’s decision is that the threat of the virus was grossly exaggerated and the response to it was more damaging than the virus itself. That is what critics of the narrative have been saying all along.

But given that, worldwide, some 1 billion people have been vaxxed after clinical trials that lasted a few months for a technology never used in any approved medicine before -the biggest medical experiment in history – the important question going forward is what will the long term effects entail?

The mounting reports of adverse effects and deaths resulting from the jabs are already disconcerting. Virologists like Dr Robert Malone have strongly opposed the jab for children because of the threat of infertility. There is also proven research that the jabs negatively affect the production of antibodies thereby exposing the jabbed more easily to infection and disease.

So, while Johnson wisely is scrapping the whole pandemic mania, the legacy of the past two years is not simply going to disappear. While the mass media, Big Pharma and the puppet politicians exaggerated the threat of the virus and censored voices of dissent, in the months and years to come they will not be able to obfuscate the negative effects of the jab they unscientifically imposed.

For Clyde Bawden’s benefit, the extent to which Big Tech and the mass media will be able to set and control narratives is about to change. On February 22, President Trump launches his multi-billion dollar Truth platform which will eviscerate the fake news like never before and expose the real conspiracy theorists.

Sent into The Mercury and published 22 Jan 2022.

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