Biden’s Moment Of Truth Is Overdue

Malcolm Mitchell (The Mercury, April 5) is absolutely correct about “the dichotomy in news reports” between different media houses. The extensive coverage in The Mercury of April 5 on President Donald Trump’s arraignment and the “charges” of which he is accused, all placed under the heading ‘Trump facing moment of truth,’ is a case in point.

When are we going to read about Joe Biden’s ‘moment of truth’ for the impeachable crimes he has committed? How do these stack up with Trump’s “charges’?

  • Biden destroyed US energy independence by peremptorily closing the Keystone pipeline which cost 14,000 jobs. Then he sold off half the US strategic oil reserves to China despite petrol shortages in the US.
  • Biden violated the 1st amendment by colluding with Big Tech companies Twitter and Facebook to censor views that did not accord with the Biden radical Democrat narrative.
  • Biden signed off on the FBI hounding Americans who opposed his education policies as “domestic terrorists.”
  • Biden ordered the sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipeline in the Baltic – an outright act of war.
  • The Republicans in Congress are in possession of bank records which show Biden and his crooked family receiving funding from China for deals that evaded the IRS.
  • Despite proof that the so-called Covid vaccines are harmful to health, Biden authorised Federal funding for millions more booster shots.
  • Although Iran is the world’s greatest sponsor of terrorism, Biden facilitated its nuclear capacity.
  • Biden has been storing classified documents in his garage in Delaware and elsewhere for years, yet he authorised the FBI raid on Trump’s home despite the full knowledge that Trump’s documents were all declassified. In that respect he violated the 4th amendment.
  • Biden authorised the weaponisation of the Department of Justice to persecute conservative and Catholic Americans who oppose his views on abortion, transgender, critical race theory. In so doing he blatantly violated the 1st and 4th amendments.

The false charges against President Trump brought on by the Deep State new world order masters of the puppet Biden regime, ironically, are going to herald the moment of truth about their conspiracy to destroy the US. Cover- ups are never indefinite and Biden’s moment of truth is overdue.

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