Biden’s Abuse Of Power Exceeds That Of British Before 1776

Although history repeats itself, the un-American depredations of the Biden regime exceed those of the British before the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

In terms of the Quartering Act of 1766, American colonists were obliged to provide free lodging for British troops in their private homes and to supply them with five pints of beer a day.

So-called sanctuary cities like New York, proclaimed as such by the Democratic Party, have required schools and hotels to accommodate the illegal aliens that are being permitted to invade the US. Now that space is running out, the Governor of New York has requested that citizens accommodate these aliens in their private homes.

Instead of five pints of beer per day, in New York City, each illegal receives $387 per month courtesy of the NYC taxpayer.

Many colonists despised the violation of their rights to private property but were powerless to oppose the Quartering Act. Despite the protection given by the 4th and 5th amendments, under the Biden regime, those rights as to the use and security of private property are being brazenly flouted.

Unfavourable information and opinions were discouraged in the colonial press by the British authorities. But there was no weaponised oppression of dissent and colonists relied on satire to convey their views. In contrast, the Biden regime colludes with Big Tech to censor what it regards as “misinformation.” To evade the fake news of the mainstream media, millions rely on social media and independent internet platforms.

Despite an undercurrent narrative critical of royal rule, no colonist was criminally charged by the British – not even Tom Paine for his scathing pamphlet titled Common Sense. But under the Biden regime’s weaponised Justice department, critics of the narratives on the 2020 election, January 6, abortion policy, critical race theory and wokeism are branded as domestic terrorists and subjected to FBI harassment and even indictment.

Only one colonist was caught and imprisoned after members of the Sons of Liberty dumped nearly three tons of tea into Boston harbour in December 1773 in protest against the British tax on tea. Since events on January 6, 2021 at the US Capitol, 1,250 Trump supporters, of whom 890 are currently imprisoned, have been falsely charged with insurrection and sedition, despite video footage and evidence debunking those charges.

As Thomas Jefferson observed in the Declaration of Independence, “abuses and usurpations” of power lead to the establishment of tyranny. In that respect the direction of the Biden regime is clear.

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