Biden Is A Manchurian President

Further to Anthony Starkey’s insistence that Joe Biden was legitimately elected President, how does Mr Starkey account for Biden having gained 14 million votes more than Hillary Clinton in 2016 without doing any campaigning?

Is Anthony Starkey aware that in seven states, voter turnout impossibly exceeded 100%? Two examples: Nevada – 125% turnout; Pennsylvania 109%. In Wisconsin, 115,252 voters were over 100 years old; in Georgia where Biden “won” by 11,779 votes,  66,248 votes were illegally cast by youngsters not of voting age;  374,128 in-person ballots were missing in Fulton County. In New York, where Biden “won” by 1,992,000, 1,899,000 voters were not registered on County rolls. In Texas, a forensic audit found 700,000 ineligible voter registrations.

The outcome of the 2020 election was the result of elaborate planning and manipulation by the globalist elite within the inner core of power and influence in American society. It was determined to deny Trump a further term in which he would expose and cripple the elite’s plan to subvert the US constitution by transforming it into a Third World state with open borders and surrendering its sovereignty to the UN’s 2030 agenda of a socialist world state.

When the likes of Hillary Clinton and Kamala Harris describe Trump’s Republican movement as “a threat to democracy,” they imply that democracy should be a system where no one can vote against their agenda. Such a system, as history shows, is called totalitarianism or fascism. True democracy permits the co-existence of divergent political views competing freely for electoral support and in which the loser is not persecuted and marginalised.

The fact that 90% of the US media is owned or controlled by the globalist elite which wields influence over the FBI, the CIA, the State Department and the Justice Dept shows that democracy in the US is in poor shape which explains why Biden is a Manchurian president.

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