Behind The US Campus Protests

Ebrahim Essa is quite right to point out how truth is manipulated and millions are duped by untruths as a result (The Mercury, May 6).

The violent pro-Hamas/anti-Israel protests on certain American university campuses provide a glaring, current example of Essa’s observation.
The seemingly spontaneous upsurge of this malevolence is the product of two elements: infiltration and funding.

Not reported by the mainstream media is the fact that cells of violent, anti-American Antifa insurgents infiltrated those campuses. Besides instigating the demonstrations, they were able to mobilise many of the students, conditioned by anti-America academics, into supporting Hamas and condemning Jews.

The other driver of the demonstrations with their “death to America” slogan is the funding behind it. Incredibly, the pro-Hamas activists are funded by Biden and the Democratic Party’s own funders: George Soros ‘Open Society,’ the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund (see Breitbart News, May 5).

That explains why the Biden White House has been coy, if not muted, in boldly condemning the demonstrations and castigating the university authorities for failing to act decisively against the perpetrators. As Ebrahim Essa remarks, we seem to live in two parallel universes, one upholding truth, the other in which lies masquerade as truth.

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