Avian Flu Narrative In Perspective

What is significant about a report on Avian flu in Business Report of April 11 is that it signals the beginning of the next attempt by the globalist elite to impose restrictions on humanity that have nothing to do with health.

Ramping up the alarmist narrative is the globalist New York Times, which asserts that the H5N1 Avian virus “could mutate to enable efficient transmission between people.” The new Director of the CDC, Dr Mandy Cohen, says the CDC is “taking the situation very seriously.” Last month, the Manchurian president in the White House signed a Bill allocating $1 billion for bird flu vaccines.

So with the controlled media rolling out the alarmist script, Big Pharma is all set to coerce the masses to comply with “science.” Except, as with the Covid scare, science does not see Avian flu as cause for alarm.

Dr Harvey Risch, an epidemiologist at Yale’s School of Public Health, dismisses fear-mongering about Avian flu as unfounded because it is not contagious. Dr Celine Gounder of KFF Health maintains that in the only cases, she has seen amongst humans, it was manifested as a mild conjunctivitis. In 2008, when bird flu was predicted to kill two million Americans, Dr Joseph Mercola dismissed President Bush’s allocation of billions for a bird flu vaccine as a “great hoax.”

Scientists not in thrall to the CDC and Big Pharma, like Professor Francois Balloux of the Genetic Institute at University College, London, urge people to ignore the doomsayers. Dr Gabriel Girouard of New Brunswick, Canada, says that at worst Avian flu would be no different from common seasonal flu. Dr Richard Bartlett, formerly of the Department of Health in Texas, dismisses vaccines as utterly uncalled for. In any case, he points out that inexpensive, effective treatments are readily available.

Another globalist motive for promoting the Avian flu alarm is to use it as an excuse to cull poultry and cattle stocks, thereby creating food insecurity and enabling complicit governments to extend control over populations by means of food rationing.

Having been deceived by the Covid-19 pandemic that never was, then coerced into being jabbed by an untested vaccine that has proved more life-threatening than Covid,  people need to be wary of the Orwellian globalists’ slogan: ‘Never let a good crisis go to waste.’

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