Aussie Visa Debacle In Historical Perspective

By its handling of Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic’s visa status, the Australian government has managed to eclipse the international scorn which the Vorster government’s apartheid policies reaped for its handling of a visa for top Japanese jockey, Sueo Masuzawa in February 1970.

The Vorster government initially refused to grant Masuzawa a visa to enable him to ride in races at the Scottsville and Germiston turf clubs. But after appeals were made by trade organisations and the racing clubs, the government promptly relented and granted Masuzawa a visa. However, the Japanese racing authority rejected the visa and Masuzawa himself said he would never go to South Africa even if he was invited again.

Whereas the apartheid narrative displayed a degree of ideological flexibility on that occasion, the Australian government’s adherence to its vaccine narrative, regarding  Djokovic, defies science and embraces totalitarianism.

In recent weeks the entire vaccine narrative has begun to unravel based on the admission by the CDC that the Covid PCR test is unreliable because it was never meant to test for Covid specifically. Its production of false positives places the extent of actual Covid infection – and the pandemic notion – in serious doubt. Then, given the mounting evidence, worldwide, that the FDA-unapproved vaccines are promoting Covid through re-infections, adverse effects and deaths, common sense dictates that governments should stop coercing people to be vaxxed.

But common sense does not prevail in the Australian government. It ignores the fact that 135 independent scientific tests show natural immunity as the only real shield against Covid.  Vaccine-free and enjoying natural immunity having recovered from Covid, Djokovic’s health status, ironically, is superior to that of millions of Australians who have had the risky, untested jab.

Despite those realities, given its censorship and intolerance of dissent, deprivation of basic human rights through arbitrary detention in Covid concentration camps, the Australian government’s treatment of Djokovic as a leper,  renders it undeserving of its claim to be a democratic state.

Sent into The Mercury and published 17 Jan 2022.

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