Assessing The National Democratic Revolution

As with the publication of RW Johnson’s books which critically dissect the direction of South Africa under the ANC, the media have been derelict in publicising Dr Anthea Jeffery’s incontrovertible documentation of the ANC’s agenda to transform South Africa into a socialist state as presented in her new book People’s War – new light on the struggle for South Africa.

While the bulk of Anthea Jeffery’s book deals with the history of the ANC’s adaptation of  North Vietnamese Nguyen Giap’s Marxist-Leninist strategy of a people’s war, it is her focus on the means and ends of the ANC’s policy of a National Democratic Revolution (NDR) that needs to be exposed as widely as possible in order to understand the deliberate causes of the progressive decline of every aspect of life in South Africa.

Comprising two stages, Lenin formulated the concept of the NDR in 1905: national liberation followed by measures to produce a communist state. The ANC’s adherence to this strategy is premised on its 1955 Freedom Charter which is essentially Marxist in content. In 1989  in its programme of action titled “The path to power,” the SACP emphasised the importance of the Freedom Charter to the success of the NDR.

At all five of the ANC’s national conferences since 1994, the most recent one was in 2017, the goals of the NDR were endorsed. The words “radical economic transformation” refer to the implementation of the NDR.  Despite the billionaire wealth capitalism has gained for him, President Ramaphosa endorses the NDR.

Scheduled to be fully implemented by 2034, to date the following interventions of the NDR are evident: the systematic weakening of Parliament and its ability to hold the executive to account; the eroding of judicial independence; cadre deployment to the levers of power; further onerous B-BBEE requirements; nationalisation of water resources; inflexible labour legislation; deliberate interventions to make private health care progressively unaffordable so has to impose NHI; erosion of the powers of school governing bodies; building dependency on social grants – up from 2,2 million in 1998 to 18 million;  inherent hostility towards free-market enterprise; refusal to privatise state-owned enterprises; endorsement of expropriation of land without compensation.

The objective of NDR is to engineer progressive subservience to the state and to organs aligned to it. Influences outside of that hegemony have to be demonised and marginalised. As was the case in the Soviet Union, rank and file ANC supporters are ignorant of the finer details and totalitarian end product of the NDR.

There is nothing democratic about the ANC’s national democratic revolution. Patterned on Lenin’s formula of social transformation – ending a society before it can be mended – the ultimate objective of the ANC’s NDR is a politically servile dystopian state presided over by an obscenely affluent communist elite as was the case in the USSR and remains as such in Cuba and North Korea.

All that is required for the finalisation of NDR is continued complacency, ignorance and naivety on the part of the electorate and the media.

Sent into The Mercury and published, 12 June 2019.

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