Assessing The Demise Of Covid Restrictions

In the wake of the abandonment of Covid restrictions overseas, admissions that they were unnecessary and that the death data was exaggerated, the silence of the narrative adherents is deafening.

The headline in London’s Daily Mail on March 1 posed the question Covid critics have been asking for nearly two years: “So what was the point of masks?” The paper referred to a recent study which proved what the signatories of the Great Barrington Declaration (GBD) stated 18 months ago, meta-analysis at Johns Hopkins University and 400 studies at the US Brownstone Institute endorsed: there is no science in wearing masks as they do not inhibit viral transmission.

The absence of masks at Biden’s State of the Union Address exposes the medical fraud of Dr Anthony Fauci who in an email on October 8, 2020, branded the basic principles for pandemic preparedness endorsed by the GBD as “ridiculous nonsense” and insisted on masks even advocating double masking.

May we expect an apology from the mask adherents who called dissenters “Covid deniers” and “conspiracy theorists?” Why are masks still obligatory in South Africa?

Backtracking is also evident in the number of deaths attributed to the pandemic. Evidence obtained under the Freedom of Information Act in Britain has resulted in Health Secretary, Sajid Javed, conceding that the total of 137, 133 Covid deaths is “unreliable,” because at least 40% of death cases were not Covid related.

US Director of the CDC, Dr Rochelle Walensky, is also in retreat over the extent of Covid deaths. She acknowledges that 78% of death cases had at least four co-morbidities and that those people were ill to begin with.  She still declines to distinguish between deaths with Covid and deaths from Covid.

Whilst these death revisions expose the efforts made to sustain the narrative of the “pandemic” with its 99%  recovery rate – efforts zealously promoted by the mass media, Big Pharma and puppet politicians – medical fraud was also significant. Since funding is a critical aspect of hospitals, each Covid reported case earned $17,000 in US federal funding for the hospital and $37,000 if the patient was placed on a ventilator. Given the reliable inaccuracy of PCR tests, figures of Covid cases were grossly inflated while ‘flu and pneumonia cases amazingly disappeared.

But what was worse, indeed criminal, was the insistence by Dr Fauci that only the drug Remdesivir was to be given to patients. Following clinical tests conducted in 2018, 75% of those treated suffered extreme adverse reactions. Despite their proven efficacy and endorsement from over 50 independent studies, on Fauci’s orders, HCQ and ivermectin were suppressed and Gilead Pharma got the $3 billion federal government contract to produce Remdesivir.

Whilst controversy surrounds the use of Remdesivir, what is clear is that financial interests motivated its prescription. At a cost of $3,200 per patient, Remdesivir was a money-spinner for Big Pharma whereas HCQ and ivermectin treatment cost less than $40. Thus, medical care was dictated by financial greed, not science. That applies to the vaccines as well, but that aspect is too extensive to address on this occasion.

Published in The Mercury 7th March 2022.

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