Ardern’s Dark Record

Not surprisingly the AFP report on the departure of Jacinda  Ardern as New Zealand’s prime minister conveys the image of a superstar leaving the stage (The Mercury, January 26). Nothing could be further from the truth as the 40-metre length letters carved into a field on the flight path to Auckland read: “The end of an error.”

A graduate of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum’s young globalist leaders programme, Ardern’s rule of New Zealand has provided insight on the future of human rights and democracy in the WEF’s projected new world order.

This was glaringly illustrated by her response to the so-called Covid pandemic. Although geographically isolated and remote, she compelled a total lockdown of both islands based on a handful of cases which were probably false positives from the PCR test.

Then she treated 50,000 Kiwis as detainees. They had been out of the country and wanted to get home. But they found themselves stranded as Ardern allowed only 5,000 a month to return and then subjected them to the following treatment: They had to pay $3,100 to stay in a government-run quarantine hotel for 14 days. During that time they were under military guard and allowed out of their rooms for only one hour a day.

Ardern overruled scientific advice which opposed her vaccine mandate and its application to children. She ignored the country’s Bill of Rights and saw to it that Kiwis were hounded into being vaxxed – hence the appellation she earned: Jabcinda.  Like the Fascists of the 1920s, she ruled by regulation, not by constitutional law.

Her draconian insistence on vaxxing, despite warnings of the untested contents of the jab, resulted in New Zealand posting one of the highest per capita daily infection rates with Omnicron by March 2022,  thereby attesting to the fact that the jab depletes natural immunity.

Another insight of Ardern’s Fascist direction was her use of state funds to acquire control over New Zealand’s press and electronic media. Replicating what the Biden regime has done in America, on her orders dissenters were discredited and labelled as “terrorists” (see:

As a proponent of decarbonisation, Ardern imposed a raft of regulations on farmers to decrease bovine methane emissions, despite the fact that methane is not carbon dioxide. She promised the delivery of 100,000 new homes in accommodation-scarce New Zealand. Only 1,500 homes have been completed.

In all of this, Ardern was shamelessly supported by those who postured as her political opposition which goes to show how weak democracy and constitutional law is in New Zealand.

Ironically, to cap it all, Ardern’s parting wish is that she be remembered as “someone who tried to be kind.” Her record suggests otherwise. Her successor, Chris Hipkins, has left no doubt that he intends to continue her policies. As his first priority he wants to track down all the unvaxxed.

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