Anti-white Threats Mired In Hypocrisy

Hypocrisy reigns as regards vicious, anti-white statements and the lack of punitive action against them. Two years after he stated that whites should be “slaughtered” at some future date, Julius Malema remains untouched by the law. Now we have one Andile Mngxitama of the ultra-racist Black First Land First prescribing the killing of five whites for every black person killed.  The response by the political establishment is verbal reproach and exclamations of “concern.”

How pathetic! Yet Vicki Momberg is in prison not for having threatened to kill black people but for uttering racist remarks. There is a huge difference between the racist rhetoric of Momberg and the intention to massacre on a genocidal scale as expressed by Malema and Mngxitama. If law and order means anything in this country, then one of two things must occur: Either Vicki Momberg should be instantly released from prison. Or Malema and Mngxitama should be imprisoned –  for an indefinite period.

If we are sincere about wishing for peace, security and prosperity, then the likes of Malema and Mngxitama and their ilk cannot be permitted to threaten that prospect.

Sent into The Mercury and published, 17 Dec 2018.

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