Anti-vax Protesters Applauded

Politics makes strange bedfellows. The protest by anti-Covid vaccination groups in Durban and the reasons for their opposition (The Mercury, September 28) reflects much of what informed opinion abroad has stated.

The protesters are quite correct. Covid-19 is not a pandemic because upwards of 96% of those infected survive. If 30% of the population had died, it would have been a pandemic. In the US, 27,000 doctors have accused the government of falsehood in proclaiming Covid as a pandemic. In Europe, 600 doctors in Spain and 500 in Germany have voiced the same indictment.

The wearing of masks is another fallacy. The Covid virus is 5,000 times smaller than the weave of any mask, so we kid ourselves in believing that masks are barriers to transmission. But making masks mandatory is part of the extent to which civil liberties are being denied by politicians along with restrictions on public gatherings, the free operation of commerce. These measures are all part of conditioning people into accepting what Gates, Schwab and Soros call the “Great Re-Set,” an Orwellian social order.

So, those protesters have a point. We are being coerced to comply with propaganda, not science. It is called gaslighting, derived from the 1944 film called Gaslight which highlighted how psychological manipulation can lead to doubt, despair, polarisation and hate. That is exactly what is happening in the US and parts of Australia as society is being torn apart by the effects of mass media, Big Tech and corrupt politicians in promoting the pandemic and vaccine agenda that is false.

It is evident in the non-reporting of the side-effects, adversities and deaths caused by the vaccines. The Journal of Toxicology recently reported that vaccines are exacerbating co-morbidities in people over the age of 65 resulting in a five-fold increase in the death rate.

Professor Marty Makary of John Hopkins University notes that 15 studies indicate that natural immunity trumps the vaccines (Epoch Times, September 24). The CDC and FDA concede that vaccines do not certify immunity a fact proven in Israel where people are being lined up for their fourth booster shot.

Therefore, the anti-vax protesters are to be applauded for recognising what is afoot. And they will be happy to note that the Prime Minister of Norway has announced that all Covid restrictions have been lifted and that society is returning to normal. She also said that Covid has now been downgraded to a seasonal respiratory infection. Cyril Ramaphosa, take note.

Published in The Mercury 29 Sept 2021

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