ANC Unmasked

It is ironic that in regulating civil liberties in response to the Covid-19 virus, which has included the mandatory wearing of face masks, the ANC has unmasked itself.

Anxious to exploit the lockdown so as to accelerate its national democratic revolution, the goal of which is a totalitarian communist state, the ANC has exposed its hard core socialist nature and intent. Nowhere was that more apparent than in the declaration by Ramaphosa himself when he stated his objective of getting rid of the “racist, colonialist based economy” and replacing it with a state-controlled one.

Having derived his billionaire wealth from the economic system he now despises, Ramaphosa has unmasked his hypocrisy. The state-controlled economy he envisages has a history of impoverishment and failure. It’s the reason the USSR collapsed and why people flee from Cuba and Venezuela.

Micromanagement, which is one of the hallmarks of socialist societies, has been glaringly evident in the undemocratic and irrational regulations imposed by the secretive National Command Centre. The arbitrary arrests of people and police brutality we have witnessed, despite the provisions of the Bill of Rights, have reflected the type of callous disregard with which citizens of the Soviet Union were treated.

The fact that the ANC regime is now sending police to communist China to be trained is further evidence of its unmasked character. Is there a parallel here with Zimbabwe when Mugabe used North Korean-trained forces to bludgeon the Ndebele into submission? Should we be joining the dots to what minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma said recently about inducing “class suicide” (referring, of course, to whites) so as to expedite the establishment of a one-party, socialist state? Her rhetoric certainly resembles the Marxist-Leninist philosophy that a society must be ended before it can be mended.

The most significant feature the lockdown has unmasked is the real nature and intent of an organisation that claims to be a liberator of human rights. The brutal and senseless killing of Collins Khoza along with draconian, jackboot, undemocratic, regulatory micromanagement and the wrecking of education and the economy has exposed the ANC for what it really is: a communist front hellbent on dystopia for the masses while the party elite, like the pigs in Orwell’s Animal Farm, enjoys secluded luxury.

Sent into The Mercury, the Witness, and The Star. Not published, 11 June 2020. 

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