ANC Shock At Scale Of Corruption Is Ludicrous

The report in the Mercury of June 26 that the ANC is shocked at the scale of corruption in the country is as ludicrous as Satan saying he is shocked by sin.

While, of course, measures to remedy the corrupt state of SOEs such as Eskom, Transnet, SAA and PRASA are to be welcomed, responsibility for the tsunami of corruption that engulfs every aspect and level of governance is entirely that of the ANC.

When ANC kingpin Smuts Ngonyama stated in 2008 that he “did not join the struggle to remain poor,” he effectively proclaimed enrichment at the expense of the taxpayer as an acceptable pursuit. The same ANC bigwigs who now claim to be aghast at the extent of looting and corruption, observed a deafening silence during the Zuma years while their comrades not only thieved their way to obscene wealth but succeeded in state capture in the process.

For over 20 years we have seen incompetent, corrupt ANC members recycled and redeployed from one ruined state entity to the next. Worse still, we have seen the likes of Brian Molefe rewarded with millions despite the damage he did to Eskom. Wherever the stench of corruption simmered, ANC cronies were to be found responsible. Yet real punitive action against those types is never forthcoming.

So, with an election around the corner, for the ANC suddenly to proclaim that corruption “goes against every value and principle for which the ANC fought” is completely bereft of credibility. With the exception of upright ANC members like Pravin Gordhan, the quip that ANC stands for African National Corruption is undeniable.

Given the pervasiveness of corruption and looting that has occurred under the ANC, what the ANC should be shocked about is the hollowness of its historical claim to have delivered “100 years of selfless sacrifice.” The burgeoning army of unemployed that has grown from 3,6 million in 1994 to almost 10 million is proof of the hypocrisy of that claim.

Sent into The Mercury and published, 30 June 2018.

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