ANC Regime Is Profiting From Load Shedding

The Mercury is to be applauded for its editorial of May 15 condemning the callous indifference of the ruling liberation regime towards the people of South Africa.

Like so many governments in power today, it is out of touch – detached, as the editorial expresses it –from the realities of the daily lives of people. Of course, that is an intentional part of the agenda of the World Economic Forum, namely, to impoverish through manufactured crises and false narratives so as to achieve subjugation and control. Our liberation regime is fully on board with the WEF agenda because it has always been fundamental to its Marxist Freedom Charter.

Be that as it may, one aspect of the collapsing state of the country not mentioned in the May 15 editorial concerns how the regime is benefiting from load shedding. On May 4, the comments of Pick n Pay’s CEO, Gareth Ackerman, on this subject were widely reported. He noted that the need to run generators to keep PnP stores operating had cost R522 million in diesel and that 37% of that had gone straight into the regime’s coffers through taxes and levies.

When one considers the diesel expenses all enterprises are incurring, it becomes clear that the regime is profiting to the tune of billions from increased diesel consumption as a result of the intermittent electricity supply. So while the regime profits, life becomes increasingly more costly for all, in stark contradiction to its slogan “a better life for all.”

The fact that the regime refused to allow Eskom to import diesel directly lends credibility to this reality. Directly imported diesel would have cut the SOE called Petro SA out of the equation and denied the comrades their cut from the sale of diesel to Eskom.

It is so obvious how the liberation regime is recycling the old USSR playbook. Despite equality in poverty and mediocrity in the USSR, a small minority of obscenely affluent oligarchs existed in total contradiction to the professed policies of communism.

The utter lack of shame on the part of the regime is apparent from its response to the crises its policies of incompetence and indifference have created. The primary reason for the tour of KZN by the regime president is his concern to shore up political support for the 2024 election so the syndicate can continue its depredation.

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