ANC Is On The Wrong Side Of History

Sinking in the polls with their heads in the sand, trying to blame everything else except themselves for having systematically looted, corrupted and bankrupted the country while creating mass unemployment, the only topic the ANC prefer to talk about is their history (The Mercury, March 10).

Nomusa Dube-Ncube’s nostalgic review of what she claims was the role of women in “liberating South Africa,” is at odds with the fact that millions of women now want South Africa to be liberated from the ANC.  One wonders whether it occurs to satraps like Dube-Ncube how the ANC is going to feature in history books in 30 years’ time for having wrecked a functioning country in less than 30 years.

The penchant of the likes of Dube-Ncube and her predecessor, Sihle Zikalala,  to discourse on history in attempting to sustain loyalty to a cause which has proved capable only of impoverishment and ruin, no longer has credibility.

Charting what happened in 1912, 1956 and 1973 is staple diet history the ANC has been recycling for years.  Commemorating what Cosatu did in 1973 means nothing when its militancy and obstructiveness has increased unemployment and alienated investment.

When Dube-Ncube talks about the “sacrifices” made by deceased comrades, she should consider whether their efforts were worth it, given the mess the ANC has made of South Africa.

 Indeed, she and her ilk are unworthy of citing ANC history before 1994 because in 2023, the ANC is on the wrong side of history.

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