ANC Is Largely To Blame For Flood Disasters

There is no science in blaming climate change for flood disasters, as eThekwini mayor Mxolisi Kaunda would have us believe (The Mercury, July 10) because the blame for those disasters lies with the ANC for failing to uphold the science of town planning and urban development.

Climate change is a natural, historic phenomenon unrelated to human activities. The most extreme weather in KZN took place on May 31- June 1, 1905, when fossil fuel development was in its infancy. So, Kaunda’s plea that “all of us work together towards finding lasting solutions” to violent storms is a false narrative intended to cover up the ANC’s failure to respect natural topography regarding drainage and water tables and to maintain infrastructure designed to minimise flooding.

As for adhering to the unscientific, Paris-aligned Climate Action Plan of reducing carbon emissions, has Kaunda calculated the cost of this green pipe dream? How does he think the poor are going to afford travelling in electric taxis? Once coal and gas are banned, how does he think the poor are going to heat their homes and cook?

Reputable scientists who are not in thrall to the WHO and the WEF have proved that carbon emissions have no influence on climate and that global temperatures have remained consistent for 70 years.

With so much that needs fixing in eThekwini thanks to ANC misrule and cadre deployment, mayor Kaunda should not be wasting space in The Mercury parroting false narratives when it is the ANC that is largely to blame for flood disasters by not having applied some of the very solutions Kaunda now claims are needed to address future natural instances of extreme rainfall.

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